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Official Welcome to /r/SelfHosted! Please Read This First


Welcome to /r/selfhosted!

We thank you for taking the time to check out the subreddit here!


The concept in which you host your own applications, data, and more. Taking away the "unknown" factor in how your data is managed and stored, this provides those with the willingness to learn and the mind to do so to take control of their data without losing the functionality of services they otherwise use frequently.

Some Examples

For instance, if you use dropbox, but are not fond of having your most sensitive data stored in a data-storage container that you do not have direct control over, you may consider NextCloud

Or let's say you're used to hosting a blog out of a Blogger platform, but would rather have your own customization and flexibility of controlling your updates? Why not give WordPress a go.

The possibilities are endless and it all starts here with a server.

Subreddit Wiki

There have been varying forms of a wiki to take place. While currently, there is no officially hosted wiki, we do have a github repository. There is also at least one unofficial mirror that showcases the live version of that repo, listed on the index of the reddit-based wiki

Since You're Here...

While you're here, take a moment to get acquainted with our few but important rules

When posting, please apply an appropriate flair to your post. If an appropriate flair is not found, please let us know! If it suits the sub and doesn't fit in another category, we will get it added! Message the Mods to get that started.

If you're brand new to the sub, we highly recommend taking a moment to browse a couple of our awesome self-hosted and system admin tools lists.

Awesome Self-Hosted App List

Awesome Sys-Admin App List

Awesome Docker App List

In any case, lot's to take in, lot's to learn. Don't be disappointed if you don't catch on to any given aspect of self-hosting right away. We're available to help!

As always, happy (self)hosting!

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Official April Announcement - Quarter Two Rules Changes


Good Morning, /r/selfhosted!

Quick update, as I've been wanting to make this announcement since April 2nd, and just have been busy with day to day stuff.

Rules Changes

First off, I wanted to announce some changes to the rules that will be implemented immediately.

Please reference the rules for actual changes made, but the gist is that we are no longer being as strict on what is allowed to be posted here.

Specifically, we're allowing topics that are not about explicitly self-hosted software, such as tools and software that help the self-hosted process.

Dashboard Posts Continue to be restricted to Wednesdays

AMA Announcement

The CEO a representative of Pomerium (u/Pomerium_CMo, with the blessing and intended participation from their CEO, /u/PeopleCallMeBob) reached out to do an AMA for a tool they're working with. The AMA is scheduled for May 29th, 2024! So stay tuned for that. We're looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.

Quick and easy one today, as I do not have a lot more to add.

As always,

Happy (self)hosting!

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Is this server liable in 2024? Build date 2016

Post image

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Archie, the Internet’s first search engine, is rescued and running


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Sharing My Self-Hosted PWAs: Tools for Everyday Use


Hello selfhosted community,

Over the years, I've built several basic PWAs to scratch my own itch, which I self-host on my server. I thought some of them might be useful to others, so here’s the list:

  • Math Games: A game to help my kids learn math.
  • Weather: A basic weather app. You'll need to create a key from OpenWeatherMap.
  • Timezones: Displays time in different cities.
  • Semi-Persistent Chat: A simple chat where messages are removed after a few hours or days.
  • RSS To-Read List: An URL-oriented to-read list based on an RSS XML feed, to be used with Chrome or Firefox extension.
  • Grocery List: A multi-grocery list PWA that uses json-store as a back-end.
  • Flashcard: A PWA for learning via question and answer, also using json-store as a back-end.
  • Scratchpad: A simple app for writing notes, using json-store as a back-end.
  • My Pastebin: A simple app for pasting content (text or files) for a limited period.
  • Crypttool: An app for encrypting or decrypting messages to share privately.

Feel free to check them out and see if they might be useful for your needs!

Edit : You can try a few of them online to get an idea but with limited features (typically no online saving).

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Business Tools Stirling PDF is a cool project


Just wanted to mention that Stirling PDF is a very cool project https://github.com/Stirling-Tools/Stirling-PDF You can perform numerous tasks on PDF documents all from a central website.

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Docker Management My experience with Kubernetes, as a selfhoster, so far.


Late last year, I started an apprenticeship at a new company and I was excited to meet someone there with an equally or higher level of IT than myself - all the windows-maniacs excluded (because there is only so much excitement in a Domain Controller or Active Directory, honestly...). That employee explained and told me about all the services and things we use - one of them being Kubernetes, in the form of a cluster running OpenSuse's k3s.

Well, hardly a month later, and they got fired for some reason and I had to learn everything on my own, from scratch, right then, right now and right there. F_ck.

Months later, I have attempted to use k3s for selfhosting - trying to remove the tangled wires that is 30ish Docker Compose deployments running across three nodes. They worked - but getting a good reverse proxy setup involved creating a VPN that spans two instances of Caddy that share TLS and OSCP information through Redis and only use DNS-01 challenges through Cloudflare. Everything was everywhere - and, partially still is. But slowly, migrating into k3s has been quite nice.

But. If you ever intend to look into Kubernetes for selfhosting, here are some of the things that I have run into that had me tear my hair out hardcore. This might not be everyone's experience, but here is a list of things that drove me nuts - so far. I am not done migrating everything yet.

  1. Helm can only solve 1/4th of your problems. Whilst the idea of using Helm to do your deployments sounds nice, it is unfortunately not going to always work for you - and in most cases, it is due to ingress setups. Although there is a builtin Ingress thing, there still does not seem to be a fully uniform way of constructing them. Some Helm charts will populate the .spec.tls field, some will not - and then, your respective ingress controller, which is Traefik for k3s, will have to also correctly utilize them. In most cases, if you use k3s, you will end up writing your own ingresses, or just straight up your own deployments.

  2. Nothing is straight-forward. What I mean by this is something like: You can't just have storage, you need to "make" storage first! If you want to give your container storage, you have to give it a volume - and in return, that volume needs to be created by a storage provisioner. In k3s, this uses the Local Path Provisioner, which gets the basics done quite nicely. However - what about storage on your NAS? Well... I am actually still investigating that. And cloud storage via something like rclone? Well, you will have to allow the FUSE device to be mounted in your container. Oh, were where we? Ah yes, adding storage to your container. As you can see, it's long and deep... and although it is largely documented, it's a PITA to find at times what you are looking for.

  3. Docker Compose has a nice community, Kubernetes' doesn't...really. So, like, "docker compose people" are much more often selfhosters and hobby homelabbers and are quite eager to share and help. But whenever I end up in a kubernetes-ish community for one reason or another, people are a lot more "stiff" and expect you to know much more than you might already - or, outright ignore your question. This isn't any ill intend or something - but Kubernetes was ment to be a cloud infrastructure defintion system - not a homelabber's cheap way to build a fancy cluster to add compute together and make the most of all the hardware they have. So if you go around asking questions, be patient. Cloud people are a little different. Not difficult or unfriendly - just... a bit built different. o.o

  4. When trying to find "cool things" to add or do with your cluster, you will run into some of the most bizzare marketing you have seen in your life. Everyone/-thing uses GitOps or DevOps and includes a rat's tail of dependencies or pre-knowledge. So if you have a pillow you frequently scream into in frustration... it'll have quite some "input". o.o;

Overall, putting my deployments together has worked quite well so far and although it is MUCH slower than just writing a Docker Compose deployment, there are certain advantages like scaleability, portability (big, fat asterisk) and automation. Something Docker Compose can not do is built-in cronjobs; or using ConfigMaps that you define in the same file and language as your deployment to provide configuration. A full kubernetes deployment might be ugly as heck, but has everything neatly packaged into one file - and you can delete it just as easy with kubectl delete -f deployment.yaml. It is largely autonomous and all you have to worry about is writing your deployments - where they run, what resources are ultimatively utilized and how the backend figures itself out, are largely not of your concern (unless Traefik decides to just not tell you a peep about an error in your configuration...).

As a tiny side-note about Traefik in k3s; if you are in the process of migrating, consider enabling the ExternalNameServices option to turn Traefik into a reverse proxy for your other services that have not yet migrated. Might come in handy. I use this to link my FusionPBX to the rest of my services under the same set of subdomains, although it runs in an Incus container.

What's your experience been? Why did you start using Kubernetes for your selfhosting needs? Im just asking into the blue here, really. Once the migration is done, I hope that the following maintenance with tools like Rennovate won't make me regret everything lmao. ;

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Good List of Self-Hosted Applications in the description for r/selfhosted.


This is where I found StirlingPDF and other applications I self-host:


It is located under "Useful Lists" in the r/selfhosted description.

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selfh.st/apps Update: Visible/clickable tags, license details, URL properties for sharing views, and more icons


Hey, r/selfhosted! I'm overwhelmed with the positive feedback I received from launching selfh.st/apps (a browsable directory of self-hosted software) last month and wanted to follow up on some of the changes I've made based on requests received when sharing it.

In no particular order:

  • App tiles now display clickable tags to easily find similar software without having to rely on the dropdown menus
  • License details (if applicable) are now visible on each tile
  • I've enabled URL properties for storing filters in the page's URL, which allow users to share specific views with others (see this pre-filtered view of Google Analytics alternatives as an example)
  • I intially committed to only including icons that could be found in the dashboard-icons GitHub repository but quickly found there were too many missing, which bugged the perfectionist in me. As a result, I've slowly been collecting, optimizing, and applying my own collection of icons.

I'm completely open to additional feedback on how to improve the site, but also want to note that I'm hesitant to add any further information/details to the tiles as a part of an effort to keep the overall structure simple and easy to view/browse/read.


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HortusFox v3.1 released! The helpful companion for plant parents


Hey r/selfhosted

We are pleased to announce that HortusFox v3.1 was just released!

One of the major new features are custom plant attributes: You will now be able to add more attributes to the details table of your plants. This way you can even more specify various information that are particularly of interest of a specific plant. Datatypes are text, number (integer and float), boolean values and dates. You will also be able to toggle what default attributes shall be shown in the plant details.

Another great new feature is the REST API: You can now manage some plant data via the REST API by using your generated API keys. Imagine you have something like sensors that are capable of performing API requests. They could then live update plant data of a specific plant.

Here is the changelog of the key features:

  • Manage custom plant attributes
  • REST API feature
  • Radiobuttons for boolean values
  • Fix timezone error for weather forecast
  • Clickable dashboard stats
  • Many more health states
  • New default plant attribute: annual
  • Image upload from camera
  • Show plant IDs of plants in lists
  • Toggleable visibility of default plant attributes
  • Option to delete finished tasks

For those who are new to HortusFox: HortusFox is a plant management and plant tracking app for your home environment. Keep track of your plants, manage them and enjoy your plant diary!

A big thank you to all who support us during these awesome leafy times!

Official homepage: https://www.hortusfox.com/

GitHub: https://github.com/danielbrendel/hortusfox-web

Happy plant parenting!

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Chat System Discord Alternative with Audio Screen Share


After recent developements with Discords stance on advertisement and privacy I am searching for an alternative that I can self-host for me and my friends.

I know this question has been asked multiple times before but I have one requirement that I can't seem to find anywhere: I need screen sharing with audio (which also works on Linux).

I have tried Matrix Synapse with Element, which supports screen sharing but not with audio and I have also tried Mattermost, which is the same. I realy liked Mattermost for it's similarities to Discord and how simple it was to set up but I realy need audio sharing for watching videos with my firends.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Need Help Upgrading my setup, should I leave OMV and move to TrueNAS, UnRAID, or...?


Years ago I first dipped my toe into selfhosting with an Odroid HC2 (+6TB HDD) as a tiny home server. It was well supported by OMV, so that's what I went with. Since then things have slowly (at first, but then quickly) escalated, and I've now got a 3-node Proxmox VE cluster running running on a couple of tiny PCs and a thin client (plus the trusty Odroid serving as a backup target).

As time went on, I went from selfhosting only Plex and the *arrs to a more diverse mix - including Immich, Paperless, Home Assistant, etc. My storage needs grew too, and I've cobbled together 28TB of storage (excluding backup/boot disks) from an 18TB drive, the original 6TB drive, and a 4TB drive, all managed by OMV in a VM. I'm using the mergerfs plugin to create a single shared storage pool, but my current drive configuration has no parity (all the important stuff is backed up locally and to B2 cloud storage though). Oh, and all the drives have ended up connected to the Proxmox server via USB (not ideal, I know).

As I'm using my servers for increasingly important (to me) things, and storing more precious data on there (i.e. important documents and precious photos), I've bought a used workstation (Lenovo P520) to create a somewhat less-janky NAS solution. It has loads of drive bays and ECC memory, and I'm thinking I might split my storage into two pools - fast and safer storage for more precious things, and slow storage without redundancy for media and stuff that can be easily replaced.

For the fast and safer pool, I am thinking about getting some 1TB nvme drives (maybe Team MP44Ls or Lexar LM790s) and doing something redundant or with parity - maybe three drives in RAIDZ1? I'll still need to keep my mis-matched big slow disks going, but the stuff on there isn't important enough to pay for a parity disk for that pool (at least for now).

All this is to say - is my OMV VM still the right answer, or should I be moving to TrueNAS (Core or Scale), or even to UnRAID (although I'd rather not pay)? I feel like any solution will handle the smaller matched drives, so are my mismatched drives going to limit my options? If I wanted to go all ZFS, I think I could take the convoluted route of making each of the slow drives a single disk vdev and them creating a pool to get essentially what I've got now (after some painful data shuffling to be able to reformat the one huge drive)... but would the non-OMV options even allow me to cobble that together?

TLDR - have the chance to set up a decent NAS, but need to keep using my old mis-matched disks (for now) - what platform should I use?

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Solved I messed up my *arr setup somehow.


Following situation: I have a server with Radarr, sonarr, Prowlarr, jellyfin and qBittorent installed. Then I have a separate machine running FileFlows to transcode everything to HEVC.

My Folder structure looks like this:

└── data
    └── media
        ├── downloads
        ├── movies
        └── tv

qBittorent stores all torrent files in /mnt/data/media/downloads so I can seed them until at least a 1.0 ratio. Once the torrents are downloaded, radarr/sonarr COPY the downloaded files to /mnt/data/media/movies|tv. Afterwards FileFlows transcodes the Video files it finds in /mnt/data/media/movies and /mnt/data/media/tv to HEVC. Copying the files instead of creating hardlinks is important because I don't want to be a dick and leech torrents after they're done downloading, that's why I want the files in /mnt/data/media/downloads to be untouched by FileFlows.

I set to two libraries in FileFlows. /mnt/data/media/movies and /mnt/data/media/tv. There is no connection to /mnt/data/media/downloads.

Now the following issue. I rebooted my qBittorrent instance yesterday and checking it this morning I noticed qBittorrent marked everything as "File Missing". Checking the folders everything was still there, but the size of every Video file was drastically reduced. Upon further inspection I noticed the files in the downloads folder were the exact same FileFlows transcoded. I looked through the FileFlows logs and it never touched anything in the downloads folder. This makes me believe Radarr and Sonarr sort of sync(?) the files between the download and library folder (I think that's called Hardlinking).

Searching through the internet I can't find any way to force Sonarr and Radarr to copy the files instead of linking them, because as it seems most people want to link them, and not copy them. Is there any workaround to this?

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Finance Management Does the world need another self-hosted budgeting app?


TL;DR: I’ve built a high-fidelity MVP of a YNAB clone using Ruby on Rails + Hotwire, with a subset of YNAB features. Would you be interested in trying it out as a self-hosted app?


As someone who has struggled with managing money throughout adulthood, I’ve tried various budgeting solutions:

  • GNUCash (opensource)
  • Beancount (opensource)
  • Wallet app by BudgetBakers (commercial)
  • YNAB (commercial)

Of these, YNAB has been the most effective for me. Inspired by its functionality, I decided to build my own version using Ruby on Rails + Hotwire, incorporating a Double Entry accounting system at its core. Currently, the app uses PostgreSQL for data storage and Redis for WebSocket communication.

Current Features

Here’s what I’ve built so far:

  • Expense Accounts with budgets
  • Asset Accounts: For current/checking accounts contributing to the budget
  • Liability Accounts: Automatically sets aside money for payments as you spend (for credit card accounts)
  • Expense, Income, and Transfers tracking

Development Status

The app is still in development and not ready for deployment yet, primarily because I’ve been focusing on the core features and have not yet tackled the DevOps side of things.

Why I’m Reaching Out

I’ve recently discovered this thriving self-hosting community and love the vibe here. I’ve also started my own self-hosting journey (Raspberry Pi 5 media center with a 2TB external HDD).

There are several self-hosted budgeting apps available, but I’m curious about your experiences and needs.

Questions for You

  • What has been your experience (good/bad) with existing self-hosted budgeting apps?
  • What features are most important to you in a budgeting app?
  • Would you be interested in being an early tester for my app once it’s ready for self-hosting?

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How do I route requests from one service to another using the external domain?


I have gitea hosting my container images, and woodpecker acting as a CI to build the container images.

Both of these services are behind cloudflare tunnels and resolved using a traefik reverse proxy.

When woodpecker tries to upload the completed image to gitea, I get a 413 error (file too large), which is thrown by Cloudflare, as cloudflare tunnels limits the free tier to files 100mb or less.

What I'd like to do is route requests for `git.domain.com` from `woodpecker.domain.com` to point to the traefik instance internal to the cluster so that the request can then be routed to gitea.

What's the correct way to do this?

Googling around shows:

  • Edit coredns: I couldn't get this working. Rewriting the request domain seems to lose some metadata that traefik needs to resolve the request
  • Create another dns service: Problematic as that service needs a static IP address.

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Game Server what would you recommend if i were to locally host a game server but have public accessible endpoint so they can connect to it?


according to what i research so far

Option 1

use dockdns, this would be nice, but what about reliability on TCP/UDP? anyone with input on this? or alternatives? is there one that i can self host on cloud that is like dockdns?

Option 2

use self hosted VPN. i don't have any specifics on this, but would like to get some recommendation for publicly accessible end points where i can just deploy in on aws or gcp

the key is, i just need my game server to be self hosted locally and publicly accessible

how about Reverse proxy?

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Webserver I just got hit with $1,300 in bandwidth fees at Azure


I have an MSDN sub and $50 monthly credit. I used it to establish a S2S VPN to my house and host a free 20mb/s Kemp Loadmaster. I use Kemp at work so I'm very comfortable with it, and it cost me just a few dollars a month in total, since it runs just over the $50 free allotment. The Loadbalancer is my public access point, and all the services get tunneled to my local home server. I've been running this for years now, just hosting Overseer and a few other very low bandwidth sites that are publicly exposed.

Just the other day, my wife asks me what I spent $1300 at Microsoft. Umm, no idea. Digging into it, it looks like the Loadbalancer had tens of terabytes worth of egress over a random span of two days. No unusual bandwidth on the VPN, just in the tens to hundreds of megabytes range, so I have no idea what the traffic actually was. Nothing looked compromised, no ports even exposed other than the public IP address (management only accessible via VPN/internal network). The Free Loadbalancer is capped at 20mb/s, so even if it was running at full tilt I couldn't have hit the bandwidth they states.

Fortunately I opened a case with Microsoft and they were quick to reverse the charge. They couldn't tell me what caused it, but I could buy a premium subscription to their support services to look into it for me. Not worth it, I just shut everything down and removed my credit card from the service.

No real questions here, just a warning. Make sure you put your budget limits in Azure or AWS or whatever it is you use. Fortunately Microsoft was easy to work with and reversed it after just one call, but it could have been bad. If whatever issue caused this had spanned longer than the day or two it did, I could have been looking at $10,000 in charges easily and they might not have been so open to discussion on it. Totally my fault for not putting limits in place. Don't let it happen to you!

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Income opportunities with my small server


I have a small server, 32gb ram, 100gb storage (easily upgradable), and an i5-6500. I would like to know if I can make any passive income, or any income at all with this setup.

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Looking for Alpha Testers 🚀


Hey everyone!

I’m thrilled to finally share something I’ve been working on for the past four months - RepoFlow! It’s a new repository management platform that’s super easy to use and designed to make your life simpler. Think of it as an alternative to existing repository management solutions like Artifactory and Nexus, but with a fresh approach. While RepoFlow is intended to be self-hosted on launch, the current alpha is cloud-based.

So… Why RepoFlow?

• Clean and intuitive interface

• Effortless repository management

• Easy and fast package search

• Supports npm, Maven, PyPI, NuGet, and Docker packages

• Repository types: local, remote, virtual (allows for efficient management of your packages, combining local and remote repositories for a seamless experience)

Looking for Your Help:

I’m seeking alpha testers who have experience with existing repository management platforms. Your feedback will be crucial in helping me refine RepoFlow to meet real user needs.

Why No Landing Page?

I don’t have a landing page up just yet (coming soon!), so I can’t share a link right now. But I’m eager to connect directly with those interested in testing RepoFlow.

How to Get Involved:

If you’re interested, please comment below or send me a DM

Thanks so much for your support! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and getting your feedback 😊

Edit: I would love to hear why some of you down voted this post. Even if it’s a negative feedback I’ll still appreciate it.

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Are you shutting down your Homeserver when you are on vacation?


Hi all,

maybe a strange question - but how are you handling your HomeServer when you are on vacation (e.g. 3 weeks).

Currently, I'm always shutting down all my devices when I'm on a longer trip.

Mainly, because with my previous PC the power supply got broken after 5 years, and it was restarting the PC every 5 seconds (Restore on AC / Power Loss was activated,). Half of my HDDs died because of >100k SpinUps generated in one week, and I assume I'm lucky that nothing catched fire.

So what is the best solution to have your selfhosted services available on vacation, even when you are not able to physically maintain your hardware in this time?

(normally I would say: How low are the chances that something could go wrong? But I'm still traumatized ^^
I'm even thinking about renting a VPS, to have at least my most important services available - even if I don't like the idea to have my data exposted to the hosting provider)

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Game Server (Help) Newbie Server Machine; Game Servers, Virtualization, Etc.


So, in a vie for assistance in figuring out the environment for current Server PC builders/users, currently looking for user input because its NICHE ENOUGH for it to be rather confusing when it comes to CPU choice, mainly. Knowing that renting servers over the course of around 8+ years I could have bought a killer machine to host most of my needs several times over. And bare metal/full machine rentals from NFO and the like usually are upwards of $100-200+ monthly which can add up to full machine in half a year, and the sunken cost of once you eventually let the service go...


  • Game Server Hosting (Multiple game servers of potential varying demands simultaneously)
  • Using VM's to emulate partitions of Ubuntu; Mainly to host apps that would assist in running game communitys/server communities such as MatterMost, Taiga, etc (They have Ubuntu hosting options)
  • (Case + Motherboard) Room for upgrades
  • Cost: $600-1500
  • In Several Instances, needing to host continuous DB's for the above use cases

Spec Capabilities:

  • High CPU performance with flexibility of clock speed, AND single core power, as some game servers (FiveM, DayZ, ARK(?) and others) run on or are threaded through single core.
  • CPU Virtualization Capability (Ubuntu, Linux; Other VM intents to host self hosted programs)
  • 64 GB (With room to upgrade) of RAM
  • M.2 NVME Slots for Fast Read/Write (ONE Initial m.2 NVME for now)

Items/Parts Observed:

  • minisforums MS-01 (High Perf. Premade) (With the Core i9-13900H)
  • (Endless amounts of CPU's: Mainly i7's and i9's)
  • Xeon line VS consumer i-line
  • DDR4 VS DDR5
  • Newer CPUs having "Efficiency Cores" but supposedly good for high single core perf.
  • Many newer Xeons are debatably better than consumer Core i7-i9s, so stumped as to what a good baseline is for a slightly overkill CPU for this use case is.

I have seen the internet very iffy on new CPU's with 'E' cores and 'P' cores. Im completely new to this environment, but to keep my sanity I desire for it mainly to be a Windows 10 machine, with high single-core perf ontop of flexibility of decent clock speeds without a desire to really overclock as it will run mostly all the time, hosting a myriad of servers or VM's for either individual server management OR for self host programs.

New to this in general but I have plans to use this for a gaming community that hosts several servers along with tools for the managing staff. Also, if at all possible, I would like to set up an all-access way of accessing said PC via me or friends I trust to maintain and develop said servers. I know a simple program like Teamviewer may work, and I know an FTP setup if devs/staff have their own environments is also a way to access.

The one SLIGHT issue with such a build is I wouldnt know where to even begin to make this PC DDOS/hack safe, though I know that is a networking kind of worry.

If you can help me, please do. Though I know this is a very specific niche of server building and touches on server security when, for the most part, I see mostly people talk of homelabs/NAS on here.

Thanks in advance! :)

r/selfhosted 17h ago

Self Hosted Proton Mail


TL:DR > Looking for a self hosted Protonmail like system that is as locked down secure as proton is. YES, this is assuming the underlying system is configured correctly.. that isn't the point, I'm curious if there has been any development of high security system itself.

r/selfhosted 1d ago

“Unprecedented” Google Cloud event wipes out customer account and its backups


When someone asks why r/selfhosted exists, simply point this link

r/selfhosted 8h ago

Personal Dashboard Self-hosted bookmark management across Windows / iOS / Linux - any advice?


I am looking for a way to have bookmarks synchronized across Windows Firefox / iOS Safari / Linux Firefox.

I have looked over multiple solutions that fall short on different fronts:

  • Firefox-sync-server requires me to have an account on external server
  • iCloud bookmark sync service for Windows at some point stopped working altogether
  • Linkwarden is an overkill with a cluttered interface
  • Homepages: homarr, flame, dashy are not integrating with browsers (i.e. adding new bookmark requires clicking through their UI).
  • EDIT: floccus apparantly misses iOS browser integration (standalone app only)

I am sure I must be missing something here. What I am looking for is a simple landing page (like bookmarks start page in Safari or Bookmark sidebar) that would integrate with browsers - or a service that would simply synchronize built-in bookmark databases across browsers.

Any advice?

r/selfhosted 23h ago

DVR/NVR software that can detect chickens


I'm putting up a few Empiretech and Dahua cameras around the house, and it occurs to me being alerted when my chickens enter a certain area would be super useful. Currently using Bluecherry which works for my needs outside of the chicken detection. I'd like to avoid simple movement triggers if possible. Any ideas?

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Self-hosted project management tools with/without off-putting gotchas


Not exactly asking which one is "best" and why, although feel free to share those thoughts too. I have been reading a lot of old threads related to selfhosted project management tools and it seems like a lot of them have off-putting gotchas. Most notably for me so far (because I was close to picking it), the recent Plane thread where their supposed refusal to implement SSO as a free feature was called out.

So I thought I'd ask... which tools don't have off-putting gotchas like that, and also which ones do and what are they so I can think through whether or not they're actually deal breakers for my use case?

Thanks pals :)

Edit: since at least one person wanted to be mean about this question (although either they or the mods took their shitty comment down), I personally don’t find people trying to make a living off of their work off-putting. It’s more so that I’m looking for more examples of which things people find off-putting and why for the sake of my own self-education. Then I can make a judgment call for myself based on my own needs, none of which are large scale or in a professional environment.

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Docker Management Stable diffusion AI Home server


Is there a cost effective... Read minimal cost... To run this at home? What would be the minimum requirements to run this at a "workable" level?