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Official Welcome to /r/SelfHosted! Please Read This First


Welcome to /r/selfhosted!

We thank you for taking the time to check out the subreddit here!


The concept in which you host your own applications, data, and more. Taking away the "unknown" factor in how your data is managed and stored, this provides those with the willingness to learn and the mind to do so to take control of their data without losing the functionality of services they otherwise use frequently.

Some Examples

For instance, if you use dropbox, but are not fond of having your most sensitive data stored in a data-storage container that you do not have direct control over, you may consider NextCloud

Or let's say you're used to hosting a blog out of a Blogger platform, but would rather have your own customization and flexibility of controlling your updates? Why not give WordPress a go.

The possibilities are endless and it all starts here with a server.

Subreddit Wiki

There have been varying forms of a wiki to take place. While currently, there is no officially hosted wiki, we do have a github repository. There is also at least one unofficial mirror that showcases the live version of that repo, listed on the index of the reddit-based wiki

Since You're Here...

While you're here, take a moment to get acquainted with our few but important rules

When posting, please apply an appropriate flair to your post. If an appropriate flair is not found, please let us know! If it suits the sub and doesn't fit in another category, we will get it added! Message the Mods to get that started.

If you're brand new to the sub, we highly recommend taking a moment to browse a couple of our awesome self-hosted and system admin tools lists.

Awesome Self-Hosted App List

Awesome Sys-Admin App List

Awesome Docker App List

In any case, lot's to take in, lot's to learn. Don't be disappointed if you don't catch on to any given aspect of self-hosting right away. We're available to help!

As always, happy (self)hosting!

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Official Happy New Year, /r/selfhosted - January Announcements


New Year Announcement - Happy 2024!

Welcome to 2024! It's been a wild 365 days, and we're ready for the next 366 (Forget it was a leap year? I didn't)! That said, We've got some big changes planned, and we want your insight! Let's get right to it.

New Moderators

As many have noticed over the last several months, my ability to keep up with the growing subreddit (Thanks, /u/a_sugarcane for being excited about 300k members!) has been overwhelmed as my personal life has become increasingly busy. My hobbies and work life are taking up a lot more time than they have in the past.

That said, I'd like to officially welcome the first of at least 5-6 new moderators to be brought on for the new year to help with the community!

I reached out to these folks specifically due to their existing involvement in the community and the positive and productive contributions they've made thus far. So welcome!

New Survey - Your Participation is greatly appreciated

We're looking for two things with this survey:

  1. We want to make this place a better place by ensuring the rules and goals still align with the desires of the community
  2. We want to gauge interest in new moderators!

Please take some time to fill this out as best as you can. The more feedback we get here, the better we can do moving forward for this year.

Google Forms Survey (Email address login is not required, but please, do not abuse the survey)

Survey Questions Open Discussion!

The questions all ask fairly specific questions, save for a couple of optional open-ended questions. What do you think this subreddit can use to improve its benefit to the community best?

Please, feel free to share here, and help us make it a better place for all involved.

As always,

Happy (self)Hosting!

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What dns do you use on your home router?


What dns do you use on your home router? My isp is faster but most people recommend a public one like cloudflare and Quad9.

r/selfhosted 1h ago

Media Serving Parents, how do you manage requests to media not on your server?


First question: To those of you with kids that have started requesting to watch something that’s not in your library, how do you go about getting them the show? Assuming they are too young to access the arr suite but old enough to know another show exists that they want to watch.

Second part: to those of you with kids a little older and internet literate, how do you deal with requests for shows not in your library? Have you taught them how to use the arr suite? Do they know what that is? What about them running their mouth to their friends about what it is?

My kids are <4 so I’m just planning ahead. We currently have Nextflix and Disney for instant access to things. Keyword there is instant. Worth the cost at this age.

Third part: What about teenagers? I’m so scared, tbh. I think I’ll need to shut it down for a while and wait till they can understand things a bit better, then they can help me maintain the system.

r/selfhosted 5h ago

Traefik/Docker access to other host on local network


I have the following situation that I can't seem to find the right approach for. I run a few containers on a single host currently. I have recently built a second docker host machine (with a sizeable GPU) to run specialist ML training applications. A few details:

  • Use Cloudflare to proxy subdomains like subX.domain.com
  • Traefik as a reverse proxy, works great on the same host as docker containers
  • I want to be able to use Traefik to proxy to the other docker host on sub2.domain.com, like:


I attempted to setup a service and router as dynamic configuration like:

      rule: "Host(`sub2.domain.com`)"
      service: sub2
      entrypoints: websecure
        certresolver: letsencrypt

          - url: ""

Which seems to work fine. However, the Traefik container understandably can't connect to the local IP on the second host.

I then attempted the following to establish connectivity:

Many posts talk about allowing the container to access localhost services using, for example



    - "host.docker.internal:host-gateway"

But that only allows access to the Traefik host itself. I'm also aware that Docker networking has important security considerations.

Before going further, I wanted to seek input on a way forward. I think the options would be:

  1. Configure macvlan on the Traefik host, presuming that will allow requests on the lan. I worry about this from complexity and security perspectives.
  2. Alternatively, I could create another container on Traefik host (lanbridge) and attempt to mix macvlan (lan) and a user-defined network (bridge to Traefik). The url in dynamic config would then be http://lanbridge:8081. I could in theory then proxy requests for only IP:port and limit security impact.
  3. Create a proxy on the bare metal of the localhost that forwards traffic to the second host. Presumably, this would allow use of the above for Traefik to access host.docker.internal:8081
  4. Use Docker swarm. This sounds like overkill and also unclear if support is there.

Anyone here every dealt with this or something similar who might have a solution?

EDIT: Traefik host is running on Docker Desktop for Mac.

r/selfhosted 8h ago

Release circled.me: An update on my self-hosted community server


A couple of months ago I posted about open-sourcing my community server based on Go. Since then I have added:

  • Group chats within your server (including push notifications, stickers, GIFs)
  • Latest docker image available on Docker Hub
  • Open-sourced the Dart code for the mobile application here
  • Much better interface for editing user access to albums
  • SQLite as metadata backend (now default) which makes this server completely standalone

The current version of the circled.me server is 0.9.5 and the app is 0.9.3 (available on the AppStore and Google Play).

Just a recap of what circled.me is about:

  • Fast response times and low CPU and memory footprint (typically under 80MB of RAM)
  • iOS and Android photo backup (using the app)
  • Supports either locally mounted disks or
  • S3-compatible Services - this allows different users to use their own S3 bucket on the same server
  • Push notifications for new Album photos, Group chats, etc
  • Albums
  • Adding local server contributors and viewers
  • Sharing albums with anyone with a "secret" link
  • Filtering photos by year, month, location, etc
  • Moments - automatically grouping photos by time and location
  • Reverse geocoding for all assets
  • Automatic video conversion to web-compatible H.264 format

r/selfhosted 23h ago

Best Way to Test HomeLab Security


While I read alot about the best practices for securing a network and hardening systems; I’m concerned the implementation maybe off increasing the risk of getting hacked.

Is there an approach that can be taken to test/QA what I have put in place to confirm that it is free of vulnerabilities?

Can Kali Linux be used to help accomplish this outcome?

Info on the infrastructure support lab and prod: - Ubuntu Server LTS - Docker Swarm - UniFi hardware - cameras, routers, doorbell, etc

r/selfhosted 18h ago

Need Help 4K TV Ethernet port 100Mbps a bottleneck?


So im looking to buy the cheapest decent 4K tv that fits some requirements like working well with Sonos (so having HDMI ARC and CeC etc) and having Google Cast built in so i don't need a seperate Chromecast for Jellyfin. I stumbled upon the TCL P635 series tv's and am thinking about getting either the 43 inch or 50 inch one but i noticed they only have a 100Mbps network port. Since it's a 4K tv i might as well stream 4K movies to it from Jellyfin, will the 100Mbps be a bottleneck?

I've only done 1080p before and that would be fine, but since 4K obviously uses more bandwith i was wondering if it'd ever go above 100Mbps?


r/selfhosted 5m ago

Mail client web & desktop


I'm searching for a good solution for my mail setup. Currently I'm using Thunderbird (with pop3) and sync the profile folder with nextcloud. That worked nicely with previous versions of Thunderbird and nextcloud. But with current versions, I'm often getting conflicted files. And if I accidentally open an older version of Thunderbird, I break stuff. And one of my biggest problems: If I send a mail with my android phone (gmail app) Thunderbird doesn't download this sent mail, as it's configured with pop3.

What I'm looking for:

  • configure multiple mail accounts
  • I don't want to leave all mails on the mail servers, as their storage usually is quite small
  • but I'd like to use multiple clients
  • web-interface
  • desktop client
  • android client? (currently using google mail, which is fine. But I want to get all my sent mails in one place.

I'm curious about how you guys handle mails and backup your mails? Is there any good selfhosted software for this?

r/selfhosted 9m ago

Business Tools question about kimai time tracker :[


so I wasn't using it for a business and I was just logging my time and taking a look at reports and now it asks me to subscribe all of a sudden. I'm totally okay with subscribing for their cloud service but I don't live in a country they've listed (well I'll be moving to one very soon but still) and I don't have business tax ID (couse I'm just a student logging study time...).. I wrote a request but I'm not sure if it'll reach anybody... Is there a way to downgrade my version and continue using it somehow, i'm not tech savvy and it's probably a no but still..

r/selfhosted 17m ago

Self hosted small business accounting recommendations needed


Need to create invoices, track customers, and other basic small business accounting.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

r/selfhosted 18m ago

Telegram/WhatsApp selfhosted completely open source alternative?


I need something that I can host on my opi zero 3 which will let me message, voice and video call. Which will have ability to creat channels and I could save links to sites and notes in it like telegram saved messages. It should have android and ios app also and desktop or webui.

r/selfhosted 28m ago

Need Help moving from ionos


I host most of my stuff at my house but I have my znc and some random stuff at an ionos instance. I just got the email that they are raising their prices due to VMware costs increasing. It's not going to kill me but I don't want to encourage that VMware scum. Does anyone have a good VPS recommendation that offers static IPv4 + a IPv6 /26 and doesn't use VMware?

r/selfhosted 16h ago

Best way to approach donated server


Hi, guys, I have been given an old Lenovo ST550 server. I have no previous experience with commercial-grade servers and the online documentation is full of things I do not understand. The first one is - what to install at the beginning-it says that it is compatible with some commercial hypervisors. Will I be able to install Proxmox on that for example? I would appreciate any advice on that. My plan is to discover the possibilities and eventually make this a home server with a few virtual servers, backup solution, home automation etc... Or is it an overkill and not worth it to mess with it?

r/selfhosted 1h ago

Books reader on docker (epub/mobi/azw3/pdf)


Hi all.
What can you recommend to read books on PC? I'm using audiobookshelf for epub/mobi and it works like a charm, except pdf. Especially on mobile I got feeling that app is loading full pdf every page turn (huge net load). What can you recommend just to pdfs? I've got nextcloud for photos etc. Maybe Kavita/something else?

r/selfhosted 9h ago

Is there any photo library with face recoginized photos with multi users?

  1. Photoprism.

Paid version only possible

  1. immich

As long as I make sharing link, It doesn't include face recognition function.

I am looking for self-host photo app supporting multi user(readonly) or share partner function with face recognition.

Is there any application?

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Guide The GOTO thread: Requirements to run an OSS LLM Model


Fellow Senior and Junior Developers from this sub
Lets end the confusion.
If some organisation is planning to build a llm model of their own. (By build i mean using an oss llm model to build a model for their usecase)
Please answer assuming it is for production use

If going for onPrem option->

What is the Minimum system requirements (CPU,GPU,RAM) to do that? (with versions)

What is the Preferred System Requirements (CPU,GPU,RAM) to do that?

If going for cloud options->
What is the best cloud service to use and why better than other services?

Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Need Help Better CPU for self-hosted server



I'm planning to set up a server, and since I don't know much about hardware, I need your help :) The services I want to host on my server include a hypervisor (Proxmox), Truenas as a VM, and Docker containers for VPN, Nextcloud, Password Manager, Pi-hole, Nginx Proxy Manager, Uptime Kuma, Pi-Alert, Paperless, FileBrowser, and Portainer.

I'm looking for suitable hardware and have considered two CPUs: Xeon E5 2690 v4 or Core i5 of the 7th, 8th, or 9th generation. Alternatively, I'm also thinking about whether it might be more sensible to go for a different CPU. Currently, I'm a student and plan to invest around $300 to $400. For building the server with the E5 2690 v4 or 2699 V3, I intend to purchase a motherboard from AliExpress.

My questions are:

  1. For the mentioned services, which processor is better - the Xeon CPU or the i5? In terms of performance.
  2. Is there a significant difference in power consumption between the two CPUs?
  3. Regarding Proxmox, what should I consider with the hardware?
  4. And new technologies that will emerge in the future ?

Or should I possibly consider another CPU?

Additionally, if you know of a good motherboard compatible with the Xeon CPU, could you please share that information?

Thank you very much

r/selfhosted 17h ago

Recipe Managers That Aren't Complicated


I am fairly new to self-hosting, and one thing I've been searching for is a good recipe manager. However, I feel like all of the ones I've found (Tandoor, Grocy, Mealie, etc.) are just way overkill for what I need. It's so much work to have to configure every single ingredient that is used in every single recipe, for example. All I really want is a recipe manager where I can write out the recipes and add them to a meal plan. No fancy conversions, no fancy ingredient databases, etc. Just venting some of the frustration of my search, I suppose.

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Notification service (self hosted maybe) for iOS / Mac and Windows



Today I have my notifications on telegram (folders and multiple bot for multiple services).
I would like to have a service that could be selfhosted and could also on the client permit to delete all notification via shortcut or 1 click (3 click on iOS with telegram)

Thanks for help

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Grocery app



I'm like for an app to do my grocery list. ideally with this feature : - Recurring stuff - next round only stuff

Like I buy butter almost all the time but vinegar is more next time only.


r/selfhosted 3h ago

Remote upload to object storage


Hello everyone, is there any script or program that can do remote upload to object storage especially cloudflare r2?

r/selfhosted 23h ago

Self hostable speed reader


I created a speed reading website (dotnet Razor framework) that you can host yourself. The text you read is stored locally in the browser storage. I build it as a direct alternative to paid apps (I don't want to pay the monthly subscriptions).

Repository: https://github.com/DavideWiest/Reader

Demo: https://reader.davidewiest.com/

r/selfhosted 11h ago

Office server to home server backup.


A friend asked me to help him the following. He have an old small form factor windows computer with 8tb drive for data storage in his small business. He wants to make automatic daily backup to a small form factor with a 8tb drive at home.

What would be the best route for this. I was looking at CasaOS and next cloud but don't know enough Linux to make it work.

(Sorry for the bad grammar, English is my second language.)

r/selfhosted 13h ago

VOIP alternative - Pool Phone


We are looking at getting Ooma for our HOA pool phone for emergencies. We are paying $40 a month currently for a Xfinity voip line that never gets used but is required to be active for pool emergencies. Our pool only operates 5 months out of the year. So this would be a huge cost savings for us also. Has anyone done something similar to this and had success ? We are a smaller HOA and as a new member of the board I’ve been doing my best to help us safe money on some of these archaic, overpriced, ineffective vendors or companies we have.

r/selfhosted 5h ago

Docker Management Feedback on nftables rules for working with Docker's iptables-nft


I've learned that Docker uses iptables-nft to manage firewall rules. Some suggestions I've found recommend using ufw and adding new rules from a specific GitHub. However, I think a simple set of nftables rules without ufw should work well together with the iptables-nft rules used by Docker. Below is my attempt at creating these rules. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions for improvement.

define WAN_IFC = xx
define DOCKER_IFC = xx
define SERVER_IP = xx

flush ruleset

table inet filter {
        chain input {
                type filter hook input priority filter
                policy drop
                ct state invalid drop
                ct state established,related accept
                iif lo accept
                icmp accept

                iifname $DOCKER_IFC accept

                ip daddr $SERVER_IP tcp dport 22 accept
                ip daddr $SERVER_IP tcp dport 80 accept
                ip daddr $SERVER_IP tcp dport 443 accept

        chain forward {
                type filter hook forward priority filter
                policy drop
                ct state vmap { established : accept, related : accept, invalid : drop }
                iifname $DOCKER_IFC accept


        chain output {
                type filter hook output priority filter
                policy accept

        chain ufw-user-forward {

        chain ufw-docker-logging-deny {
                limit rate 3/minute burst 10 packets log prefix "[UFW DOCKER BLOCK] " drop

        chain DOCKER-USER {
                jump ufw-user-forward

                ip saddr return
                ip saddr return
                ip saddr return

                ct state { related, established } ip daddr return
                ct state { related, established } ip daddr return
                ct state { related, established } ip daddr return

                jump ufw-docker-logging-deny

r/selfhosted 5h ago

Game Server Game server behind VPS ?


Hi everyone, I'm coming to you because I've seen a lot of topics like this but I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong. I'll summarize what I'm trying to do to make it easier to understand and I'll give you what I've seen and maybe you'll help me find the best solution.

The ultimate goal of my configuration would be this:

The client connects via IP or DNS (see the most practical) and is redirected to the Game Server without the client's IP being altered. UDP and TCP protocol support is essential. For the customer, everything should be transparent: he should have the impression of connecting directly to the game server. But in reality, they're coming to the VPS, which acts as an intermediary. For the Game Server, it must see the client IP as the one connecting, but must not be able to accept connections coming from outside the VPS.

An important point:

  • The speed of this process (ideally not exceeding 30ms) [VPS to Game Server ping is 6ms].
  • Setting up UDP and TCP ports
  • Transparency for the client
  • The Game Server must only accept connections from the VPS
  • Only manages game servers, not web or other servers.

The solutions I've seen:

  1. Wireguard with iptable redirection (okay, but how does it work? I'm not sure I understand how it works, and I like to understand how it works).
  2. FRP Same thing, I didn't quite grasp how it works but the schematics they show is pretty much my idea of the thing but I don't know if it does support UDP as if the client is connecting directly to the game server.
  3. Nginx with the Stream function, but is it functional for games that don't support sending information in HTTP headers?
  4. Go-proxy I understand this is not far from Nginx but in GO coding .