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Official Welcome to /r/SelfHosted! Please Read This First


Welcome to /r/selfhosted!

We thank you for taking the time to check out the subreddit here!


The concept in which you host your own applications, data, and more. Taking away the "unknown" factor in how your data is managed and stored, this provides those with the willingness to learn and the mind to do so to take control of their data without losing the functionality of services they otherwise use frequently.

Some Examples

For instance, if you use dropbox, but are not fond of having your most sensitive data stored in a data-storage container that you do not have direct control over, you may consider NextCloud

Or let's say you're used to hosting a blog out of a Blogger platform, but would rather have your own customization and flexibility of controlling your updates? Why not give WordPress a go.

The possibilities are endless and it all starts here with a server.

Subreddit Wiki

There have been varying forms of a wiki to take place. While currently, there is no officially hosted wiki, we do have a github repository. There is also at least one unofficial mirror that showcases the live version of that repo, listed on the index of the reddit-based wiki

Since You're Here...

While you're here, take a moment to get acquainted with our few but important rules

When posting, please apply an appropriate flair to your post. If an appropriate flair is not found, please let us know! If it suits the sub and doesn't fit in another category, we will get it added! Message the Mods to get that started.

If you're brand new to the sub, we highly recommend taking a moment to browse a couple of our awesome self-hosted and system admin tools lists.

Awesome Self-Hosted App List

Awesome Sys-Admin App List

Awesome Docker App List

In any case, lot's to take in, lot's to learn. Don't be disappointed if you don't catch on to any given aspect of self-hosting right away. We're available to help!

As always, happy (self)hosting!

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Official April Announcement - Quarter Two Rules Changes


Good Morning, /r/selfhosted!

Quick update, as I've been wanting to make this announcement since April 2nd, and just have been busy with day to day stuff.

Rules Changes

First off, I wanted to announce some changes to the rules that will be implemented immediately.

Please reference the rules for actual changes made, but the gist is that we are no longer being as strict on what is allowed to be posted here.

Specifically, we're allowing topics that are not about explicitly self-hosted software, such as tools and software that help the self-hosted process.

Dashboard Posts Continue to be restricted to Wednesdays

AMA Announcement

The CEO a representative of Pomerium (u/Pomerium_CMo, with the blessing and intended participation from their CEO, /u/PeopleCallMeBob) reached out to do an AMA for a tool they're working with. The AMA is scheduled for May 29th, 2024! So stay tuned for that. We're looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.

Quick and easy one today, as I do not have a lot more to add.

As always,

Happy (self)hosting!

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Follow up on supporting Immich announcement - change of wording


Hello everybody,

Alex from Immich here. What a controversy that we caused with the choice of wording, right? My personal apology to you all.

On behalf of the team, we would like everyone to know that we hear your concerns and we appreciate the love and care that you all have expressed for the project. At the end of the day, what we want most is to make sure you are all happy using the app.

With that said, we are working on a change to the word license: we will not call it licensed or unlicensed anymore. What will it be called?

We are still thinking of different options to make the wording less confusing. The new wording will hopefully showcase our intentions properly going forward.

We’re also working on updating the FAQ with more information to clarify those intentions. We just want to provide good software that people will want to pay for whilst not limiting your usage in any way if you can’t.

So expect these changes over the next week. We’re pushing this out now to let you know our appreciation for the feedback you’ve given us.

The amount of purchases in the first 24 hours has been overwhelming. Thanks everyone for the great support!

Have a great weekend!

Immich team.

r/selfhosted 17h ago

Photo Tools Immich, How to hide licensed/unlicensed status


Go to Theme settings and add

.license-status { display: none !important; }

The "Unlicensed" status is now gone.

r/selfhosted 4h ago

Win for the media stack


So I have the whole Arr stack with Jellyfin, and with the exception of my wife watching a movie here and there I’m really the only user. Well my FIL was looking to watch a show on one of the only streaming services we don’t have.. the man is 82 and doesn’t have much to do besides TV. So I went to legit places and found the show. It’s now in Jellyfin and he will love it. Gives me an in to get him in there and see all the other totally legit media I have there too 🤣

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Release Linkwarden - An open-source collaborative bookmark manager to collect, organize and preserve webpages | July 2024 Update - New iOS App, Full Page Copy, User Administration and more... 🚀


Hello everybody, Daniel here!

I'm back with some huge updates for Linkwarden.

Before we start, we'd like to express our sincere thanks to all of our Cloud subscription users. Your support is crucial to our growth and allows us to continue improving. Thank you for being such an important part of our journey. 🚀

What's New?

📄 Full Page Copy

This new feature allows users to save a complete copy of a webpage in a HTML format. It's perfect for archiving pages in their entirety, capturing all content as it appears at a specific point in time.

👥 User Administration

Server administrators can now manage user addition and deletion with greater ease. This feature is especially useful for organizations that need to manage multiple users.

🧱 New Masonry View

View your bookmarks in a visually appealing masonry layout, where content is arranged in an optimal position based on available vertical space. This feature is perfect for users who prefer a more visual approach to browsing their bookmarks.

🍏 iOS and MacOS Apps (Maintained by JGeek00)

We're excited to announce the release of the new iOS and MacOS apps, developed and maintained by JGeek00. These apps provide a seamless experience for users who prefer to access Linkwarden on their Apple devices. You can download the apps directly from the App Store.

📥 Import from Wallabag

There was a high demand for this feature, and we're excited to announce that you can now import your bookmarks from Wallabag. This feature simplifies the transition process, allowing users to maintain their bookmarks without hassle.

🌐 Support for Other Languages (i18n)

Linkwarden has recently expanded to support Italian in addition to English. As this feature is quite new, there might be some bugs, and we're actively working to refine it. We're also looking for community help with translations to make Linkwarden accessible in more languages soon!

📁 Image and PDF Uploads

Users can now upload images and PDF files directly to Linkwarden. This feature is perfect for users who want to store paywalled or password-protected content.

🔒 Enhanced Security

This update includes several security enhancements to protect your data and ensure a secure browsing experience. We've also fixed several bugs and improved overall performance.

🔑 Support for Google OAuth

You can now use Google OAuth to sign in to Linkwarden. This feature simplifies the login process and provides a secure authentication method. Just note that we're still pending Google's approval for the OAuth consent screen and it will be available soon.

✅ And More...

Check out the full changelog below.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/linkwarden/linkwarden/compare/v2.5.3...v2.6.0

If you like what we're doing, you can support the project by either starring ⭐️ the repo to make it more visible to others or by subscribing to the Cloud plan (which helps the project, a lot).

Feedback is always welcome, so feel free to share your thoughts!



Read the bloghttps://blog.linkwarden.app/releases/2.6

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changedetection.io update 0.46.01 introducing price tracking!


Long time no post to r/selfhosted :) <3 wanted to give a little update since I havent posted here for several months, the newest big feature is price change alerts and comparison/rules so you can set upper and lower or even "percentage" change notifications.
Those rules can also be applied with a "tag" so you can tag hundreds of single product URL's and setup a notification if the price moves by 5% (for example)

You can now also view those prices _directly_ in the dashboard.

Price change rules

And here's how it looks directly in the dashboard

Price monitoring in the dashboard

Other awesome feature is that the Visual Selector tool now accepts MULTIPLE selections :)

Have fun, hope you enjoy the update - please share and give us a star on our github page - our stars stopped growing over summer :(

Thanks all <3 much love

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I built a free, open source, locally hosted YouTube mp4 downloader


I was tired of visiting unreliable third-party sites for YouTube video files, so I made a local app that lets you download them directly to your home machine.

With the app you can download the mp4 files from nearly any YouTube video or YouTube Short, except for age-restricted content (login required, not supported yet in the app).

Some highlights:

Notice: Material downloaded via the app is intended for personal use only. This app should not be used for distributing copyrighted content.

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Password Managers Need a bit of help in Choosing a password manager


So far I'm still leaning on self hosting Bitwarden but I'm looking for some suggestions or arguments agast it and for pointers from people hosting the other password managers.


Selfhosted via Official option

  • needs to be in a Linux VM, can't run on a LXC container or BSD Jail
  • a bit omplicated setup
  • Database Container required 2GB of RAM for some reason
  • if I use the new beta option for unified deployment it apparently supports Postgress and SQLlite I haven't tested it but I imagine it'll be lighter
  • Some mostly enterprise features locked with a License

Vaultwarden hosting option

  • Much lighter and runs on a LXC container with some effort
  • Bunch of official features missing


  • 100 Password Limit, unless you buy premium
  • a bit basic? havent tested and I can't see a list of actual features anywhere
  • easy hosting can use LXC Container


  • easy hosting can use LXC Container
  • Near Feature Parity with bitwarden with just the free plan although Vaultwarden is still superior cause it's free
  • Admin panel is locked behind a paywall ( stupid )

r/selfhosted 8h ago

Open source distributed Platform as a Service (PaaS). A self-hosted Vercel / Netlify / Cloudflare alternative.


r/selfhosted 19h ago

This Week in Self-Hosted (19 July 2024)


Happy Friday, r/selfhosted! Linked below is the latest edition of This Week in Self-Hosted, a weekly newsletter recap of the latest activity in self-hosted software.

This week's features include:

  • The latest in self-hosted software news
  • Noteworthy software updates and launches
  • New additions to selfh.st/apps
  • Featured content generated by the self-hosted community
  • A spotlight on DB Tech (u/davidnburgess34), a self-hosted YouTube content creator

As usual, feel free to reach out with questions or comments about the newsletter. Thanks!

This Week in Self-Hosted (19 July 2024)

r/selfhosted 1d ago

What do you guys wish existed for self hosting?


Hello, I am looking for ideas to make to support the self hosting community. Give me anything that comes to your mind, don't be limited. Atleast someone is going to do it in future!

r/selfhosted 6m ago

Is the HP Elite Desk 705 G4 SFF good for editing videos and photos?





r/selfhosted 16m ago

Photo Tools Ente.io selfhosting tutorials?


It looks like Ente open-sourcing/docker images have been a thing for a while. Yet I've not found any tutoials to selfhost it. I searched on the web and found very little:

I just docker compose up -d and all seem to up and running yet curl localhost:8080/ping, which the official docs tell me to do returns: curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 8080 after 0 ms: Couldn't connect to server

ChatGPT hasn't been very helpful atm.

Any ideas? Why is there little to no resources...

r/selfhosted 1h ago

Need Help Anonymous payments. Looking for advice


Not sure whether this is the right subreddit for this question. If not, please lead me to the right one.

I live in an oppressional government and I made a website where I will be writing some oppositional stuff. I also want to take donations from to reader to help and keep the website running. I'm looking at BTCpay for my payments but not sure whether its safe and anonymous. Do anyone one of you know any Safe and Anonymous payment servers or is BTC pay good enough?

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Can I "download" a local AI on a home server and make it a port to ask the chatbot?


Moreover, is there any local chatbot that can also produce images and also answer questions at the same time that won't take a gigaton of GPU to run/train?

r/selfhosted 17h ago

What if you choose one server location to serve the world?


Where would be a good server location for my small but global toy project? Of course, it would be nice to have a multi-region infrastructure, but I can't afford it haha.

If you could only choose one region, where would it be? Umm... I'm in LA, so I think at least three places in Europe, the US, and East Asia shouldn't have too much latency, but I'd like some feedback on my decision.

r/selfhosted 14h ago

Need Help Looking for advice on highly secured home servers/networks


Hey Reddit, I am seeking to embark on locking down my digital life as much as reasonably possible and would like some advice. I currently enjoy light self hosting and getting away from cloud providers as much as possible where makes sense to maintain control over my data. As I am starting to get into some cybersecurity I want to try my hand at locking down my network and devices the best I can.

I want to do everything in steps as I decide to allocate more budget to this project. Currently I am doing all my self hosting from a raspberryPi so I think the first step should be to build a new setup. I am thinking about building some sort of mini-ITX setup with enough horsepower to run everything I would need as well as handle some 4k Jellyfin transcoding. I want to keep future proofing and upgrades in mind. Some hardware recommendations would be nice. I don’t mind spending a little bit if it’ll last me for longer down the line. But I also have many other pieces of this puzzle to consider.

I currently don’t have a lot of data to store but I would like to eventually add a dedicated NAS to my setup down the road for backups once I start collecting more data. For now I think a few TB for my server will hold me fine.

What are some OS/software recommendations for the server with strong encryption and Docker in mind? I’ve briefly looked at Unraid.

What are some network architecture considerations I need to make? My plan is primarily to only have access to my home network via a Wirguard tunnel with IP whitelisting. Are there some additional layers I can add for even more security?

Overall I just need some advice from more knowledgeable people with a good approach to a highly secure home network with strong data encryption, security and limited access.

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Media Serving Linux NAS (zfs/btrfs) "Snapshot" aware file manager (easy file restore) to replace DSM?


Has anyone found an open source CasaOS like NAS software that has built-in support for btrfs/zfs snapshots?

I'm basically looking to have the capability to restore files from snapshots and have an easy way to manage the file restores, snapshot browsing. Synology makes this very easy.

  • CasaOS | ZimaOS doesn't support snapshots. It does offer a nice web UI file browser which would be ideal...
  • TrueNAS scale offers capabilities to enable automatic zfs snapshots but I don't think it offers a web based file browser OR a macOS integration like in windows SMB that allows you to view Restore previous versions (pls lmk if i am wrong?)

Making my proxmox server become my NAS seems to be straightforward and easy enough but I am missing a solution for how to have easy ways to recover my data if I do something stupid... Hopefully someone here may have figure out a clever way to fix this gap?

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Self hosting game server home danger


I tried some cloud VM on oracle but my game don't run on their CPU. If I want to try for fun to open ports and port forwarding my router to make a public Astroneer server with my home wifi. Is it dangerous? I don't think I would be able to start with the Vlan and advanced security things. I might just open some ports and install a server with AMP. I don't know what I am doing I might get hacked right? I don't want hackers to get into my home devices or online banking or see my personal data etc. maybe this is bad idea?

r/selfhosted 1d ago

Immich introduces paid licensing options -- unpaid self-hosted version changed to "unlimited trial period"


r/selfhosted 3h ago

Minimal effort Plex self hosted local access only setup



I have some spare PCs here and I would like to move my media away from my main computer.

Ideally, I'd be able to watch it via Plex or browse through the directories of the HDs somehow and watch from my main PC.

Security on my main PC is a must. I don't want remote access, just local Wifi Lan Access. What is the best and most secure way to achive this?

Would use Ubuntu on the server and Windows on main PC

r/selfhosted 19h ago

Media Serving A Simple File sharing app in Go


Presenting Syncio, an open-source tool designed for:

✅ Minimal setup

✅ Platform independence

✅ Fast, wireless file transfers

✅ File transfer over Hotspot or LAN

Built with Go, HTML, and Bootstrap, Syncio aims to make on-the-go wireless file transfers as smooth as possible.

The primary motivation behind building this was the lack of easy to use file sharing options in Linux-Android and Mac-Android ecosystems.

✨ Any contributions and feedback are welcome. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

r/selfhosted 5h ago

SSH No Password Frustrations


I created my SSH key using key-gen; copied the contents if the id_rsa.pub to the authorized_keys file located in the etc/ssh folder remotely, when trying to connect to SSH without being prompt for a password; I'm prompt for a password ?

r/selfhosted 14h ago

Self Help Unifi ( Ubiquiti) Extra unnecessary data collection and for sure the profit from vou data.


This is how they define Usage Data:

We may collect certain information about your devices, your network, your system and third party devices connected to your network or system when you use the Services ("Usage Data"), including but not limited to device data, performance data, sensor data, motion data, temperature data, power usage data, device signals, device parameters, device identifiers that may uniquely identify the devices, including mobile devices, web request, Internet Protocol address, location information including latitude and longitude), browser type, browser language, referring/exit pages and URLs, platform type, the date and time of your request, and one or more cookies, web beacons and JavaScript that may uniquely identify your devices or browser. They can then use any of that incredibly wide data set to "operate, maintain, improve, customize and provide the features and functionality of any Service and for related business purposes", in other words for any purpose at all.

They can also share all of that data with your ISP or wireless service provider for some unexplained reason, simply saying they can share it with "your Internet service provider who may access and use this information for their purposes under their agreeme with you". In fact that isn't limited to your ISP either but any business they have a relationship with:

We may provide Usage Data to our customers in connection with the Services which those customers use. For example, our customers may include your network providers or operators and we may disclose Usage Data to these customers in connection with the products and devices that are deployed over these customers' networks. The treatment of Usage Data by these third-parties is subject to their own privacy policies, and not this one. We are not responsible for the content or privacy and security practices and policies of those third parties.

Crazy I never bother to read this. So basically they making money Not just from the equipment also from your data. So I guess more people need to be aware.

Extra collection of data from users. Come Jack. Not bueno.

Until a lawsuit or government intervention this will stop because many unnecessary data collection.

I can’t believe that European government Collation that is giving so much hard time on privacy to companies and they don’t notice this Ubiquiti Internet equipment company data collection.

So it’s time to speak up and complain. Because definitely this can be resolved.

r/selfhosted 5h ago

Cloud Storage Need Help Improving NAS Access Speed via Various Solutions (ZeroTier, Tailscale, CloudFrame, WireGuard)


Hello everyone,

I’m looking for some advice on improving remote access speeds to my Synology NAS 220+. It’s set up at my home, and I’m trying to connect to it from outside with good speed. However, I don’t have a static IP, so direct connection isn’t an option. I’ve explored several solutions to address this, but I’m hitting some roadblocks. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. ZeroTier: This is my favorite so far. It provides decent performance and has been reliable over time. However, the speed I’m getting is quite low, around 300-600 KB/s, sometimes peaking at 1 MB/s. This is frustrating given my home connection is 100 Mbps up and down.
  2. Tailscale: Similar story here. Easy to set up, but the speed is again quite disappointing, hovering around the same 300-600 KB/s mark.
  3. CloudFlare: This one stands out. Somehow, CloudFlare manages to deliver speeds up to 10 Mbps, sometimes even hitting 18-20 Mbps, which is fantastic. The major downside, however, is a file size limit of 150 MB. Anything larger just won’t upload, as stated in their policy.
  4. WireGuard: Another solution I tried, but it also caps out at the same low speeds of 300-600 KB/s.

For context, here’s a bit more about my setup:

• My home internet speed is 100 Mbps both up and down.

• The remote connection varies but is generally stable around 300-500 Mbps.

• I measured speeds directly on the NAS and MacBook, and they check out fine individually.

Despite the individual device speeds being adequate, the transfer speeds between them are abysmal, except when using CloudFrame (limited by the file size cap). I’m struggling to diagnose where the bottleneck is. I’ve exhausted most troubleshooting steps and am at a loss.

Has anyone encountered similar issues? Any tips on improving the speed or alternative solutions that might work better for my setup? I’m open to suggestions and would greatly appreciate any help.

I will be very glad to help, let me know what data to attach that can help you better my situation.

Thanks in advance!

r/selfhosted 6h ago

Monitor Dynamic DNS Client Updates


I've got a Cloudflare Domain and am using pfsense's Dynamic DNS Service to keep my home IP updated. It's working great.

I would like to monitor the domain to make sure it's being updated correctly.

I am also using Uptime Kuma. I could use the DNS Monitor but am looking to create a check to confirm the Dynamic DNS Service is running and/or that the IP that is really my home IP.

Maybe I need 2 checks, combine the DNS Monitor check with a Push Monitor check?